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Corporate Culture

1. Corporate Social Mission: Meet different mobile needs.

2. Business Philosophy:
Recognize the whole through observation of the part, stand along above others (More carefully and professionally manage business. Recognize the whole through observation of the part, so as to be unique and outstanding.) 
3. Core Values of Corporate Culture:
Respect---Respecting others is to respect ourselves;
Loyalty---Everyone is loyal to the company and establishes personal integrity;
Dedication---Diligently consider problems, assume responsibilities for respective posts, pride in dedication.
Aggressiveness---Continuously explore, summarize, study and improve ourselves at work;
Win-win---Realize win-win between enterprise and customers, as well as enterprise and employees.
4. Talent Philosophy:
Firstly, assign virtuous and talented employees with important tasks; secondly, appoint virtuous employees who are able to improve capabilities by learning, but never employ persons with bad moral character even though they are talented. Therefore, we should adhere to virtue first, give top priority to corporate interests, and integrate ourselves into the enterprise. In short, three points are necessary: sense of responsibility, progress awareness and entrepreneur spirit.